We always thinking one step ahead for the business and the team, about how we can build on the brand experience we give our customers and keeping up to date with what’s new in the design and digital world, helping to maximize our offering. 

Below You’ll find unsolicited testimonies from our happy clients.


“Working with Midas Websites has really been a pleasure. Penny is very professional and her service was terrific front the get-go. I really like the logo and design she and the team created for our company which really helped bring out our visual presence. Not only are their designers highly skilled in website designing and development, they are also very thorough and responsive when it comes to client feedback. I used to enjoy the regular back and forth’s we had while developing the design of my company’s logo and website. There are many who know what they are doing when it comes to website design but I think it’s safe to say that the guys up at Midas Websites really know what they’re doing. I could not have been more pleased with their service. Thank you guys!”
Ian I., Executive Administrator, Melbourne
“Penny have been great to work with. We’ve used some of her services quite a bit and I must say, it has been top-notch all the way. Her services are by far the best there is in the industry and totally exceed my expectations each and every time. This project was particularly difficult because we need to tweak many of the pages of my website, but Midas Websites came through and really nailed it. Persistent and patient, these are the two words I would use to describe their services. I would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a great website design. Thank you so much for your professionalism.”
Ray B. Victoria
We decided to hire Penny a few months ago to design our website. Penny has a bunch of talented team who are great at what they do and have a ton of fresh ideas. They really helped us decide which way we needed to go and how we could make our vision into a reality. Now, thanks to Midas Websites, our website is the true image of our business and who we are as a brand. We’re really happy with our decision to hiring you guys and hope you keep up the great work. Two thumbs up for great design and excellent communication. Overall a great work experience!”
Angie M. Brisbane
“Thank you for designing a great website for our business. It looks really professional and fits our business just fine. We are receiving a lot of great reviews from our customers who just love the new website and often ask who’s responsible for it. Obviously, it pleases us a lot. Thanks a million Penny!”
Jimmy S. South Australia
"The company we decided to go with was Midas Websites, even though we had never heard of them before. But I must say, their service is really top shelf. The web design that they provided us were simply flawless. The thing that surprised me most was their level of dedication and commitment to their work. They not only gave us a few really good options to try out but also provided us with continuous support when it came to designing our website’s logo and design. I think it’s safe to say that letting Midas Websites lead the way for designing our website was the best decision we’ve made. There are real experts in the craft and kept us in the loop at every step of the way, which really goes to show their level of professionalism. Thank you for all the hard work guys, we will certainly continue to use the services of Midas websites in the future as well, and will be sure to tell everyone about this really great web design company. Cheers!”
George C. Sydney
“I love our finished website and what Midas Websites did with the idea we gave them. I think it’s really great how they grasped our ideas and just ran with it. We also appreciate the fact that you guys worked really hard with us to make sure that we were happy before moving forward to the next step. I am glad that the designers were able to get what I wanted and created the particular layout that I had in my mind along with a few other elements I added later on. All credit goes to the designers at Midas Websites for pulling this off. Extra credit to Kim and the customer support team for really going out of their way to make us feel comfortable by responding to all of our communiqué. They were really helpful and had a lot of technical knowledge which really helped us. I really appreciate your dedication and what you have done for our website, thanks!”
Tim T. Canada
“You guys are really one in a million. Great job with putting together our website. I must say that this is a big improvement compared to the one I had before, so thanks again for your excellent work.”
Kenny A. Chicago

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