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Web development is one of the most important components of the web process. We are committed to using leading-edge technologies and best practice techniques to help your website succeed online.

Our websites deliver on all fronts – from design through to development, whether it’s building a content managed website (CMS), developing bespoke web solutions, integrating social media into your website, our team of talented web developers is able deliver a great solution for your business.

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The Web Development Process at Midas Websites has an outstanding track record for designing and programming well thought out, and technically challenging websites.

Our thorough approach to web development includes clearly defined information site architecture–which is paramount to the success of any web project.

We are able to clearly articulate the design interface, and how the end user will experience the website, offering alternative website platforms, plus proving training to help you use the site.

Our web development team knows that this process can be quite difficult, so we have streamlined the entire processes to make sure that you get a site that is extremely easy to manage, search engine friendly and scalable.

We are also very honest in our approach to web development. We never offer you technologies that you may never use or that may not be applicable for your business.

At every opportunity we look at ways to save you money whilst still employing the latest cutting edge solutions for your site.

Our Web Development Technologies Some of the most recent technologies used by our developers include PHP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Ajax, Flash, HTML, jQuery and others to produce state of the art, inventive and user-centred websites that are way ahead of your competition.

The web environment is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving–which means that our development team are always looking for the best new technology for your business.

We are quick to embrace those, in turn passing on this information to you–often saving you time, money and ensuring that you remain one step ahead of the competition. Being proactive is part of the Midas Websites Advantage. Being ahead of the game with technology means that you benefit from our research and our expertise.  

Why Midas Websites?

As one of Sydney’s most experienced website design and web development companies, Midas Websites delivers custom made or off the shelf development solutions that return measurable results.

Our web development incorporates some of the most savvy developers in Sydney utilising a range of skill to deliver you a highly functional, consumer friendly website. At Midas Websites, we consider search engine optimisation crucial to the success of any website and we employ only ‘white hat’ development techniques with every website we build.

Our programming follow strict proven SEO rules that are adhered to for each project. We pay extremely close attention to content, title tags, headers, URL descriptions plus a whole lot of other programming necessities that Google is looking to reward. Without these taken into account at web development stage your website might look great but it will be very hard to find online when people are looking for your product or service.

Our developers know how to build responsive websites so you new site will be viewable on all mobile and hand held devices.  

Our Development Difference.

We ensure that website download times are kept to a minimum. We ensure that sites load fast and efficiently . The speed at which a website loads can be one of the most important aspects to monitor. On average, if a site takes more than 8 seconds to load, every extra second beyond that they are more than likely to leave–thereby a lost sale or opportunity. All our sites past the speed test. And if not, we find out why.

All our coding complies with strict web standards. Search engine spiders trawl the internet constantly looking for websites to index into their databases. If they get confused ( and yes they sometimes do) with faulty back end code–they just move on, or in some cases penalise your site. At Midas Websites we understand the power of seriously good web development and are able to pass this expertise to you.

We use a  powerful WordPress ( CMS) content management system which allows the user to make content changes throughout the site through a back end admin area. With a WordPress CMS that we use, you can also update images, pictures, change site headings – you have total control over the website. Some companies will insist that you use their own CMS platform locking you into long term contracts and unnecessary hosting fees. At Midas Websites we develop your site around a WordPress CMS platform.We never lock you into contracts or hit you with monthly fees.

We will train you in the usage of the CMS and are always happy to assist you later on if you have any question or any issues regarding updating of content or pictures. We also offer you a 90 day guarantee that if there are any errors or bugs in the development of your website we will fix them for you free of charge.

We involve you through out the complete development process. We offer solutions that will not only surprise you but will drive your business online in a direction that you never thought possible. Our developers like to challenge you and push boundaries without ever compromising on design or usability.

Your website is all about the user experience. Ideally you want potential customers to stay on the web site for as long as possible. You want then to keep coming back. At Midas Websites we get this, we have been doing this for well over 7 years and we understand that this is simply part of the web process; clever design interface, simple site architecture combined with flawless web development will ensure that your site is an online success.

We minimise ‘geek speak’ or ‘techie talk’. There is nothing worse than paying for a service and not getting clear answers to questions. Our team breaks things down into a language that you can understand. We articulate the complicated development process into clear uncluttered language that makes sense. To see how we can help you with your next website development project; large or small, please call Penny on 0466 636 038 or click here.   

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